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Radio interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed today by Leanne on Southern Fm 88.3. We chatted about spirituality, mindfulness for children, study and even how parents can help children navigate the complex world of social media.   Kristen Hobby

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Wisdom from Roshi Joan Halifax

  The keynote Buddhist speaker at this years Spiritual Directors International Conference in Santa Fe was Roshi Joan Halifax, a Zen Buddhist who works at the Upaya Zen Centre in Santa Fe. For many years Roshi Joan has been working … Continue reading

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Meeting Richard Rohr

  I’m just back from the Spiritual Directors International conference in Santa Fe. The theme this year was Emerging Wisdom and this year’s conference featured the wisdom of the Christian, Buddhist and Jewish faiths. If you haven’t heard of Richard … Continue reading

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Writing your own meditations for children

I ran a workshop a couple of weeks ago for parents and their primary aged children at the Wellspring Centre (Melbourne) which was lots of fun. At the end I invited the parents to create a meditation specifically for their … Continue reading

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The eyes to see

I had a recent breakthrough on my PhD a couple of weeks ago.┬áSo, briefly, my topic is looking at the spirituality of pre-schoolers in a natural bush setting. I was encouraged to use a theory called socio-cultural theory based on … Continue reading

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A question of creativity

I saw a thought provoking talk on TED yesterday. Annalie puts forward the idea that in this age of almost permanent connectivity that we are losing our creativity. She says that creativity comes when you draw upon all your life … Continue reading

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A spiritual director in Las Vegas

On a recent trip to the US to visit the National Parks, we ended up booking a couple of nights in Las Vegas so we could get out to the Grand Canyon. Let me paint our first moments… After we … Continue reading

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