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Meeting Richard Rohr

  I’m just back from the Spiritual Directors International conference in Santa Fe. The theme this year was Emerging Wisdom and this year’s conference featured the wisdom of the Christian, Buddhist and Jewish faiths. If you haven’t heard of Richard … Continue reading

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The eyes to see

I had a recent breakthrough on my PhD a couple of weeks ago.┬áSo, briefly, my topic is looking at the spirituality of pre-schoolers in a natural bush setting. I was encouraged to use a theory called socio-cultural theory based on … Continue reading

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Yoga, one year on.

I’ve been attending yoga classes every week now for just over a year and I thought I’d give a bit of an update. I love it. I could end there but I’ll try and give a little bit more detail. … Continue reading

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My day at the yoga ashram

Spent a lovely day at a Yoga Ashram on Saturday up near Daylesford (vic). We arrived in time for morning tea and then enjoyed some wonderful Yoga Nidra (guided body relaxation) in which I could easily have dozed off. We … Continue reading

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Study as a spiritual discipline

I’ve got to that stage in my PhD studies where I’ve finished all my data/evidence collection and now the long road of analysis and writing up stretches before me. Up until this point, the process has a bit of a … Continue reading

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Are you present?

Walking down the street the other day, I realised that everyone was multi-tasking, pushing a pram or walking the dog while chatting on the phone, and driving and texting and it made me wonder if any of us are truly … Continue reading

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Life changing?

I’m heading off in a week to the Spiritual Directors International conference in Boston. It will be the 4th conference in 6 years or so and I always find them, well, life changing. The first one I attended in Vancouver … Continue reading

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